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meet your frens

a collection of 1234 unique NFTs

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Funky Frens is a community-driven collection of 1234 unique NFTs built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Each fren is made up of a random combination of 600+ faces, hairstyles, outfits, and accessories.

Our goal is to bring forth avatars that represent who we are in the real world, which is why you'll see frens of all shapes and colors. On top of that, each fren also has its own name to solidify its unique personality.

Owning a Funky Fren allows you to be apart of an exciting and easygoing community, and be included in our special 2nd generation launch.

Come join your frens!

meet our team

three best frens who reside in Los Angeles

Altcoin enthusiast. Enjoys meeting new frens, building relationships, and supporting the long term value of NFTs.
Funky Frens is the brainchild of this long-time artist, who hopes to turn his passion into the largest community of frens.
Early DeFi adopter and steady optimist. Drives a Tesla but still pays too much gas. Wen Eth 2.0?
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We are a committed trio of close friends involved in the crypto space since 2017.

Our professional backgrounds combine a unique blend of art, tech, business, and philanthropy.

We pride ourselves on the utmost transparency.

Check out this Medium article to learn more about us :)

road map

phase 1
All Aboard the Fren Ship

Create Funky Frens collection with 1234 uniquely named characters.
phase 2
Get Funky!

Top Funky Fren holders will be shipped free custom Funky Frens merch to spread the Funky vibes.
phase 3
Funky Coin!

Funky Frens can be staked to yield Funky Coins.

Funky Coins will be redeemable for various utilities including community games, potions to modify traits of our future collections, exclusive whitelist/giveaway spots, and future Metaverse perks.
phase 4

Begin creating a Gen 2 collection that will allow holders to combine two Funky Frens and create a Funky “offspring”.

The offspring will have the best traits of the parent Funky Frens. There will also be random mutations that might transform your baby into a 1/1 or ultra-rare fren! Breeding of a Funky offspring will also generate a Funky Family Portrait.

Huge thanks to our community member AquaBeauty.NY for this idea! 🔥
phase 5
Funky Frens Universe

Create a metaverse space for special events and games. Hold virtual contests with prizes.


How many Funky Frens can I mint?

We are sold out! You can purchase a Funky Fren in the Opensea marketplace.

Why Funky Frens?

We created this project to build a loving community and encourage more people to own NFTs that resemble a playful version of themselves.

We truly believe that our project's mission, community, aesthetic, and key differentiators will increase its value as time goes on. We are in this for the long haul and will continue striving to create as much value as we can for our holders and supporters.

What is the utility of Funky Frens?

We want to provide tangible utility in the real world, which is why owning frens will enable you to redeem free custom-designed merch with your fren of choice on it.

You can also participate in our 2nd gen breed collection to earn more NFTs to grow your Funky Family.

Longer term, you will be able to participate in our Metaverse land acquisitions as we build Funky Frens Universe and host virtual events, games, contests, and town halls.

What sets Funky Frens apart from all the other NFT projects?

We set out to accomplish two main things that we haven't seen any other NFT projects do just yet:

1. Create avatars that represent our real world selves, allowing people to resonate more with their purchases.

2. Assign unique names to each of the 1234 individual NFTs, enhancing their personality and bringing them to life.